The most honest thing Grant Ward has ever said.


The most honest thing Grant Ward has ever said.

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I might have found ‘the one’ yesterday. Yeeesss.

I might have found ‘the one’ yesterday. Yeeesss.

"Obskurama turned 4!"

Well, apparently it was two days ago. And I hope I won’t change my username or blog name anymore.

What have I done in these four years? Oh many things. I can even see those things that I’ve forgotten (decided or not, lol) here, just one click on the archive link. ‘Mighty memory machine’ isn’t too much for a tagline, I guess.

Will I quit tumblr like some of my friends? Honestly, I’m not sure. I have to admit, once I thought quitting tumblr is a sign of maturity. Then by keeping my tumblr means I’m just far away from it. I don’t know the truth, but I think tumblr is just like a radio. It creates a theatre of mind, yes, and I can pick and follow some channels that will help me learn about life while provide the balanced amount of entertainment.

Just look at how I tried to clear my self-doubts up here. Oh wait, what’s the point of it all anyway?

Last, I hope I can fill this tumblr with more… joy.

Daripada gw pakai manset yang kombinasi warnanya aneh, mendingan gw pakai manset tato sekalian.

a fashion advice from Ghina Faadhilah.

When science objectifies the person, makes it definable and classifiable, then it ceases to be a real person.

Karl Jaspers
A: Ada yang kurang dari semua mobil Pimp My Ride.
H: Hah?
A: Mereka nggak pakai Roncar.

My high school friend and my first year friend are going to get married tomorrow morning in my hometown. Meanwhile, I’m still looking for… I’m not going to say ‘man’, just some car magazines. Can’t even attend their marriage because I’m saving my money for my cousin’s marriage next week.

I still have to adjust my seat to enjoy the ride of my twenties. This is just the beginning… of a big culinary journey to your friends’ marriage parties. Yes.

How to Eat ‘Ceker’ Properly

by nyzky and urbangenic

1.) Pick it up from your plate.
2.) Tell the nearest person that you scared to eat it because you forgot how to. If that person shows/tells you how to eat it, stop after the third step. If not, just continue with this whole how-to.
3.) Finish it in such an improvised manner.
4.) Question the proper manner to your parents or friends.
5.) Spend an hour or so to discuss about scaring foreigners with it. Be imaginative!

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S: So, are you still going to make cake and sweets shop?
H: Uh. I don't know. Why?
S: Don't you want to name it 'Candy Shop' so there will be some men rap, "I'll take you to the Candy Shop" to their girls?
H: Dude, no. Nope. I don't even like the way it sounds.
There goes my conversation skill.

There goes my conversation skill.

Nasi telah menjadi bubur. Bumbuin aja buburnya, siapa tahu lebih enak daripada nasi.

Pak Budi Brahmantyo, geotourism lecturer.
X: Hey, Han. Why are you still here, in the campus?
Me: Uh, you know, picking up my shattered dignity. I guess.